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Opentags is the open-source AirTag. The goal is to have a fully open-source AirTag that can be used with any device, android or iOS. The project is currently in the early stages, but we have made incredible progress just this year on both the software and hardware side. Feel free to star and follow along on the Github page.

April 18, 2024 路 Ben Stirling

.STL Files

I am taking a very interesting computer graphics course class and finally learned about curves. Why do I care about curves? My background is in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and machining, so I have always been interested in the .STL file format which . I never knew what interpolation meant until I took this class. From my understanding, interpolation is used when we have a set of data points and we need to estimate values between these points....

March 2, 2024 路 Ben Stirling


Simple, Open-source NFC-Writing App I published BotionNFC to the App Store on 2/1/2024. It is a simple, open-source app that allows you to write NFC tags. If you would like to try it out, you can download it here: App Store You can view the source code here: Github Demo Video

February 4, 2024 路 Ben Stirling

PCB Business Card

Coolest Business Card Ever Demo Video I have since made a thinner version. I have also published the app to program them, available on the App Store. You can order them here now!

October 19, 2023 路 Ben Stirling


This is a quick project that Ari and I built. Link to repo: We built it with the Keyboard Club Event as the deadline. We went through several iterations, in software and hardware. Here was the first PCB: It had a scuffed USB-C arrangement, also we switched to use a epaper display. The second PCB was better, still a bit off though: Main issues were: TP2 and TP3 were reversed (spliced the cable) Bad solder joints on headphone jack (resoldered) Lights were 180 degrees off (resoldered) Ruined epaper display with wrong code Case needed to be adjusted to fit headphone jack (redesigned and printed 2x) Nevertheless, we are stoked to see how it turned out for the event!...

October 15, 2023 路 Ben Stirling

Custom Split Keyboard

I made a custom split keyboard becuase I didn鈥檛 have one. Demo Video I built a split keyboard with my friend Ari. BOM Switches $20 Stablizers $16 Caps $20 Wood $37 PCB $85 Cord $4 Rubber Feet $8 GRAND TOTAL: ~$190 Below is a photo montage of the build!

October 4, 2023 路 Ben Stirling


I built a coffee table with my girlfriend. Frankly, we stole the idea from another couple that did the exact same thing. Speaking of the exact same thing, they gave us their leftover lacuer. I鈥檓 not sponsored by them, so that is why the picture is blurry. I moved into CAD, as things naturally start. It was a 鈥渟imple鈥 build. BOM Wood (~18") Local Wood Shop ~$50 0.75" Steel Boxtube Your Local Makerspace ?...

September 15, 2023 路 Ben Stirling

Pick + Place Machine

I Made a Pick + Place Machine Because My University Didn鈥檛 Have One. | 馃挕 Update: Join the Pick + Place Club Of UCSD: The main requirements: Be useful Be somewhat affordable Be finish-able I have followed Stephen Hawes on youtube since 2020, and have danced around with the idea of making his pick and place since it was open source. After he launched his company, I figured I could order the COTS parts and machine the rest at my school makerspace....

September 14, 2023 路 Ben Stirling


I Wrote An App Because I Didn鈥檛 Have One. Demo Video I have since published the app to the App Store. You can download it here: App Store Some features include: Notion OAuth Sign-in A simple task list, synced with your Notion page It is simple but that is my goal. I use it every day and it has been a huge help for focusing on what I need to do....

September 2, 2023 路 Ben Stirling


My good CEO friend and I built a FlightSim controller from scratch. The CEO had a background in flight simulation and electrical engineering, and I had a background in mechanical design and software. We decided to team up and build a controller that was more realistic than the current offerings. He started by designing the electrical system, which included a custom PCB and a custom firmware. I started by designing the mechanical system, which included a custom knob and a custom mounting system....

September 1, 2023 路 Ben Stirling

ECE115: Cyberball

Cyberball - The Cybertruck-Inspired Pinball Machine This was my senior design project for college. Michael Yip, a professor at UC San Diego. My partner, Adin Ackerman, focused on the electrical and software while I focused on the mechanical and design. We both helped each other out when needed. The class had five modules, which were lab reports. Within the lab report we had to start. The overall requirements of the machine were as follows:...

April 21, 2023 路 Ben Stirling

ECE196: AirPark

Problem: Garage Parking is difficult and dangerous Having a tight parking garage and having to perfectly position the vehicle to have enough space to get out while trying to maximize usable space and not risk dents and scratches, not even including the fact that north of 20% of accidents occur in parking situations. Solution: We want to provide drivers with accurate distance from their desired parking spot through an app interface....

January 8, 2023 路 Ben Stirling

ECE140A: Botion Cube

Botion Cube The Botion Cube is a productivity cube that syncs with Notion. Demo Video Technical Details The Botion Cube is powered by an ESP32 and has a 128x64 OLED screen. The cube has 6 sides, each side representing a different task. The cube is powered by a 500mAh battery and can last up to 2 weeks on a single charge. Feel free to play around with the 3D model below: You can access all the code for the Botion Cube here: Botion Cube Firmware...

September 2, 2021 路 Ben Stirling

2nd Startup: DeepWater Exploration


August 14, 2021 路 Ben Stirling

1st Startup: Autoprint

Co-Founder. We tried to simplify 3D printing. We developed a functional product and had an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign.

July 14, 2020 路 Ben Stirling