Hey, Ben Stirling here!


I am born and raised in sunny San Diego, CA.

I got my degree in Computer Engineering from UC San Diego, and

I helped start two companies, one failed (Autoprint Inc.) and the other (DeepWater Exploration Inc.) I had to step down so I could pursue my degree. It was a very painful period, but it was needed for me to focus. I matured through that experience, and the hard break was really necessary for me to push myself to grow. I still love the excitement and flexibility and determination it takes to be in a startup, and I aim to be of value wherever I work.

I really enjoy building products. This is because building a product is obviously harder than building a project. When I subject myself to other people’s standards, they often aren’t higher than my own, which is why selling comes without much trouble.

During college, I published two apps (Botion, BotionNFC) and created two products (PCB Business Cards, Aeroknob). Given I was quite studious, I am very proud of doing what I did and don’t have any regrets. I spent most of my time in the makerspaces because I found people with similar interests

What am I doing now? Working & writing alot of software!