My good CEO friend and I built a FlightSim controller from scratch.

The CEO had a background in flight simulation and electrical engineering, and I had a background in mechanical design and software. We decided to team up and build a controller that was more realistic than the current offerings.

He started by designing the electrical system, which included a custom PCB and a custom firmware. I started by designing the mechanical system, which included a custom knob and a custom mounting system. Aeroknob

The mechanical design was accelerated by my Bambu Mini 3D Printer, and the Fablight Metal Laser Cutter. The mechanical design was iterated on multiple times, and the final design was a combination of 3D printed parts and laser cut parts. Aeroknob

The final product was a huge success. The controller was more realistic than the current offerings, and the demand was high. Aeroknob

Given the demand, we launched our site and sell them there!